Black Rainbow Breezer with 100ml Thai Lotus Essence by CareforAir

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Black CareforAir Rainbow Breezer - 7 Colour Changing - Air Purifier/Freshener/Humidifier

There has never been a more important time to keep your indoor air clean. Help keep the spread of the virus to a minimum.

Our Rainbow Breezer has stood the test of time, a brilliant device to keep the air in your home, office, or working environment clean, purified, and refreshed. Our specially designed LED light gives you the option of having the lights changing 7 different colours, one single colour only, or simply no colour at all.

The Rainbow Breezer is so simple to use all you need is to fill the bowl with the recommended amount of tap water, add a dash of fragrance and switch it on.  We suggest you change your water every morning as this ensures that your air is cleaned properly on a daily basis.

Using only 16W of power, so if you leave the machine running day and night it costs a mere 5p a day to run. Should you suffer from low humidity around your home or office, then this clever machine also replaces lost moisture in the air which is also great for your skin. 

The Rainbow Breezer is reported to be a "Godsend" for Asthmatics, Hay Fever, Eczema & Acne sufferers in addition to those with COPD/Emphysema or other serious breathing-related illnesses.

Your Rainbow Breezer comes with a FREE 100ml Thai Lotus Essence (worth £9.99) to freshen your home. We stock 35 different water-soluble essences giving you the widest possible choice, all of which are available through this channel.

Please note that the bowl is perspex and ought not to be washed in very hot water or in a dish washer.

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