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Violet Aromatherapeutic Essence - 100ml

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CareforAir Violet Water Soluble Essence Suitable For All Types Of Air Purifiers/Revitalisers.

Violet flowers smell soft, powdery and romantic, a little like iris, quite a feminine fragrance. Dainty little sweet-scented purple flowers.  Flower of fertility and a cure, garlands of violets worn around the head were thought to prevent headaches and dizziness. Violet is known to be a potent aphrodisiac. The scent of violet can help stimulate relaxation and uplifts your mood which in most cases enhance your libido


Each 100ml bottle will last you approximately 30-45 days depending on usage and frequency of use. We recommend you change your water daily and add a squirt of essence to keep your home or working environment fresh, clean and fragrant.



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