SPECIAL OFFER: Rainbow Breezer (Black) with 100ml Thai Lotus Essence by CareforAir PLUS AN EXTRA FREE 100ml Anti-Tobacco Essence

  • £59.99

Have you a smoker in your house?  Get a free 100ml Anti Tobacco Essence with every Rainbow Breezer.

One of the most difficult odours to remove inside the house is tobacco odour. The smell can last for days and if someone in your family continues to smoke every day, the problem worsens. Even with opening windows and constantly using air fresheners sprays/candles the smell will just be masked. Candles and sprays are a very short term solution but it is just not enough, is it?

What do you need?

With the help of the Careforair Rainbow Breezer and the specially formulated Anti Tobacco Essence your indoor air will be washed and rinsed. No longer will you smell stale polluted tobacco odour, your air will be replaced with clean fresh a citrus overtone.

The Careforair Rainbow Breezer is no ordinary air purifier, this air purifier that can run 24/7 due to the high-grade motor. It also covers an area up to 75sm ( a good size living area). Simple and easy to set up too!

The CareforAir Anti-tobacco Essence has a Special Microbeshield Formula which is a powerful cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer for removing tobacco smoke and smell. Used along with the Rainbow Breezer is just the thing you need to destroy, kill and snuff out those unhealthy odours.

After using this product my living room no longer has the smoke smell, allowing there to be a better air and atmosphere for my family! I've used many of the different smells and they are just brilliant, not only is the stench gone but a nice aroma is left too. AMAZING PRODUCT! 

Our Gift To You
The regular price of the Rainbow Breezer RRP is £59.99 and the 100ml Anti Tobacco Essence retails at £9.99.

For a limited time only, If you buy the Rainbow Breezer NOW you will get a FREE 100ml Thai Lotus plus a 100ml Anti Tobacco Essence

No other discounts or offers can be used in conjunction with this offer

By the way, the Rainow Breezer is also good in removing kitchen smells like cabbage, onions, garlic, fish, curries and all those other smells we do not like in our kitchen 😀 Check out our wide selection of fragrances and air purifiers.

Don't delay get this offer while you can. 



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