Citronella Aromatherapeutic Essence (100ml)

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CareforAir Citronella Water Soluble Essence Suitable For All Types Of Air Purifiers/Revitalisers.

Citronella is a grass that mainly grows in Asian Countries, it has a rich crisp lemony aroma and a well-known insect repellent.  A must for every household during the summer months particularly effective when used in the Careforair Rainbow Breezer to keep flies out.  Add some fragrance to a Mini Breezer (battery operated) to keep flies, mosquitos and, midges away on those barbeque evenings.


The aroma of Citronella oil may help with nervous fatigue due to its clarifying properties. It can also ease the pressure of headaches and migraines.


Each100ml bottle will last you approximately 30-45 days depending on usage and frequency of use. We recommend you change your water daily and add a squirt of essence to keep your home or working environment fresh clean and fragrant.



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