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What is CareforAir?

CareforAir has developed a range of air-purifying products designed to literally rinse your air clean. Based on a truly original & unique design, our new technology removes toxins, pollutants, dust, mites, bacteria, smoke and odours from the air you breathe. Our innovative range of products not only wash your air clean but leaves behind the pure fragrance of an essential essence of your choice.

How much air does my Breezer clean?

CareforAir Health & Rainbow Breezers clean at the rate of 120 cubic feet per hour. Each unit will clean an area of up to 800sqft. (75sqm)

How much electricity does my Breezer use?

CareforAir Health & Rainbow Breezers only consume 16W of electricity. Using only 25% as much power as a standard 60W light bulb you can keep them running 24 hours a day. Just ensure the water level stays above the minimum. Supervision of the unit is not necessary. Your average daily running cost is around 5p.

How often should I change the water?

You change the water only when the water in your bowl gets dirty. If you are cleaning a smoking environment then you will change your water daily.

Do I have to use an essence(s) with my Breezer?

No. It is not essential for essences to be used with the Breezer although it is very common for essences to be used.

Are the Breezers CE & RoHS approved?

Yes they are.

Do I need to use filtered water in my Breezer?

We would only recommend using filtered water in hard water areas. We recommend washing the bowl with a non-abrasive detergent when changing the water and simply wiping underneath the lid. Our perspex bowls should NOT be placed in a dishwasher nor rinsed in hot water. Adding white vinegar occasionally to the water helps to remove limescale from the bowl.

Are CareforAir essences safe?

All essences are non-toxic, non-combustible, non-alcoholic and made from natural botanical extracts. As with all essences, we must advise you to avoid any form of ingestion.

How do I keep my Breezer clean?

The bowl will generally tend to become dirtier more often. To clean, rinse out the bowl with cold water and wipe dry with damp cloth. Do not use abrasive scourers or detergents, never wash in a dishwasher and do not rinse in hot water.

The lid should only be wiped around the edges of the motor with a damp cloth. To remove the lid turn anti-clockwise until you hear a click. Rinse the motor spoke under a cold tap or use commercial limescale remover if blockages occur. Replace the spoke by turning it clockwise until you hear a click.

Are Breezers suitable for people with allergies?

Your Breezer is an excellent accompaniment for people who suffer from chest and respiratory complaints. Severe sinus sufferers and asthma sufferers comment that their complaints lessen with the continuous use of Careforair within their immediate environment. CareforAir are not implying in this statement that any guarantee exists of course, these notable comments are from existing users.

We do however have a lot of anecdotal evidence from those suffering from breathing related illnesses writing to us describing and explaining how the CareforAir technology has helped them in this area. This can be found in our testimonials area.

Is my Breezer an Ioniser as well?

All our Breezers create an ionising effect. In addition to purifying your air, you are also creating an ionisation effect at the same time. Careforair does not leave dirty marks on walls or doors unlike similar products.

What is your refund policy?

Under Distance Selling Regulations you have 7 working days to evaluate your purchase. 

Should you wish to return your product please call our support department first on 0800 7819526 for full insttructions on how to return your product.

Please note that essences which have been used/opened are subject to a 25% restocking fee due to the fact they cannot be resold.

When can I expect my order?

All orders made Mon-Fri before 2.00pm are dispatched on the same day. Orders made after 3.00pm are dispatched on Friday are dispatched the next working day. No orders are dispatched on bank holidays.

We pride ourselves in getting orders dispatched as quickly as possible therefore orders made after 3.00pm on any day can be easily changed. However, orders made between 8.00am and 3.00pm may not always be picked up in time. If you have made an incorrect order please email heather@concept2commerce.com advising of the change and we will do our very best to change your order.



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