Vanilla Aromatherapeutic Essence (100ml)

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CareforAir Vanilla Water Soluble Essence Suitable For All Types Of Air Purifiers/Revitalisers.

Vanilla pleasantly fragrant rich vanilla beans are the pods or fruits obtained from a tropical climbing orchid.

Unripe vanilla pods are harvested when they are 5-8 inches long and turn light yellow. They are then blanched briefly in boiling water, sweated and dried under sun over a period of weeks until they turn dark-brown and wrinkled. Pleasant and not overpowering in the home.


Good for reducing the feeling of nausea as well as having a positive benefit on people who are dealing with stress and anxiety.


Each 100ml bottle will last you approximately 30-45 days depending on usage and frequency of use. We recommend you change your water daily and add a squirt of essence to keep your home or working environment fresh clean and fragrant.



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