Grapefruit Aromatherapeutic Essence (200ml)

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CareforAir Grapefruit Water Soluble Essence Suitable For All Types Of Air Purifiers/Revitalisers.

Grapefruit is an evergreen tree it grows up to 15m in height and can be found in countries with very hot summers such as those found in California, Florida and Texas. Tart and tangy with an underlying sweetness, grapefruit has a juiciness that rivals oranges. Packed with Vitamin A and C it has many properties including that of a disinfectant, a stimulant, an antidepressant, antiseptic qualities and an air freshener.


Like the fruit itself the essential oil of Grapefruit is rich in antioxidants, the antiviral and antimicrobial properties make it a great disinfectant. It has both a stimulating and energising effect on the mind with an aroma that isn't too strong or overpowering. Grapefruit exposed to to the air has a cleansing effect on the skin making it good for treating oily skin and acne.  Aromatically grapefruit promotes health, healing, energy, and purification with its invigorating, enhancing and warming aroma


Each 200ml bottle will last you approximately 60-90 days depending on usage and frequency of use. We recommend you change your water daily and add a squirt of essence to keep your home or working environment fresh clean and fragrant.

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