Easy Steps To A Dust Free Bedroom

Making a room dust free is a must for most housekeepers to keep their family including toddlers and babies safe from allergies or any other breathing problems. For people with minor to extreme allergies, keeping a room dust free is a daily routine to keep their allergies at bay. 
We can clean daily but there can be so much dust airborne that we simply cannot see it with the naked eye. So here is a little helping guide that we have created to help you clean and keep your rooms dust free!

• Buy blankets and curtains made of synthetic fabrics

Most of us know that curtains and blankets tend to get dusty. Having synthetic fabrics lessen the chance that curtains and blankets will catch the dust flying around the room.

• Remove thick throw rugs

Rugs like curtains can catch dust and other allergens. Remove from bedrooms or use the washable type.

• Replace fitted (wall-to-wall) carpets and rugs with vinyl or parquet flooring; the room will also be easier to clean 

Carpets if unchecked will collect dust without you even noticing. If you are very busy and don't have enough time to completely clean a carpet then removing it and using a vinyl flooring would be the best solution

• Get rid of cushions not filled with synthetic materials, as well as anything made of wool or cotton

Because dust is very small it can easily collect in cushions and pillows, the best way to avoid this is by having custom synthetic cases for them.

• Reduce the number of "dust collectors" such as intricate or bulky decorations: heavy drapes, double curtains, tapestries, etc

Dust can collect anywhere, vases, lampshades, tables etc. Avoid putting too many trinkets & decorations in bedrooms.

• Reduce electrical appliances that you put inside the room.

It's not surprising that electrical appliances are dust collectors as well. TV's, Computers, printers, fans are all prone to gathering dust. So best to keep them out of the bedroom!

• Use the vacuum cleaner more often around the house; in particular, vacuum mattresses and bedding thoroughly and regularly (preferably when the allergy sufferer is not there!)

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most adept tool you can use to clean and remove dust. Constant use of it will ensure that there will be less dust on the floor, bed and in the corners of the room.

• Get a strong air purifier that can run for 24 hours a day! 

Like vacuum cleaners, air purifiers suck in dirty air. The air is then filtered and cleaned before it exits the air purifiers. Having one can help you ensure that there will be less dust in the room!



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