Thai Jasmine Aromatherapeutic Essence (200ml)

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CareforAir Thai Jasmine Water Soluble Essence Suitable For All Types Of Air Purifiers/Revitalisers.

Thai Jasmine sweet-smelling fragrance, jasmine blooms all summer on a semi-vining shrub. Some varieties of jasmine can also be grown indoors, where they bloom year-round.  The Jasmine flowers are white in most species, with some species being yellow. Jasmine is believed to have originated in the Himalayas in Western China.


Breathing in the scent of jasmine has the power to release feel-good brain chemicals that boost energy as well as reduce anxiety and stress.


Each 200ml bottle will last you approximately 60-90 days depending on usage and frequency of use. We recommend you change your water daily and add a squirt of essence to keep your home or working environment fresh clean and fragrant.

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