Ever wondered why bunnies are associated with Easter

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Easter is probably the most important event in the Christian calendar. With Holy week starting on Palm Sunday, it includes Holy Wednesday, Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Churches throughout the land are open for prayers and reflection. The big event, of course, is Easter Sunday when Christ rose from the dead after his crucifixion.

Along with the religious history of Easter, you might have wondered why we see ornamental rabbits during this religious celebration.

There are many things stories surrounding the history that ties rabbits and Easter together. Here is one of the most prominent theories on why rabbits have been the symbol of Easter.

The earliest record of Easter bunnies dates back to the 17th century. There have been some stories in Germany as well where people dressed up as bunnies give toys and eggs in baskets to Christian families.

Although experts have yet to confirm this, some believe that Easter bunnies came from a pagan ritual. Eostre, a pagan festival to celebrate the goddess of fertility which on most occasions is seen as a rabbit is believed to be where the Easter rabbits originated.

Some people might have tied up the resurrection of Jesus Christ as a symbol of being reborn and thus the rabbits (going at it like rabbits J) are the animals associated with fertility.

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