Open Fire Fuels To Be Banned by Tory Minister Michael Gove

Posted by Jo Penaranda on

In an article released by MSN News, Environment Secretary Michael Gove is banning open fire fuels and some log burners. This action is to follow the Government's Clean Air Strategy that aims to reduce emissions and particulate matter from different sources including inside homes.

When interviewed during the launching plans, Gove has urged everyone to take action. He mentioned that traffic jams and exhaust fumes, which are the obvious culprits for air pollution, is only a part of the problem and that every sector of society can be part of this new strategy to clean the air.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said that the “single greatest environmental threat to human health” is air pollution and that it can determine a person's health life expectancy by 30%.

Secretary Hancock then goes and and says “Breathing dirty air is associated with a host of health problems, from asthma to cardiovascular disease and lung cancer, and all too often it is the most vulnerable - children, older people and those from poorer backgrounds - who are hit hardest. In short: clean air helps you live longer,” 

It is very clear that air quality is important and that everyone can take part to help in this ambitious goals of the government to clean the air. 

Once this ban is implemented, what will you do? Do you have some plans to help? Or will you just ignore the campaign? 

To read the whole article written by Rachel Wearmouth for MSN News; click HERETory Minister Michael Gove To Ban Open Fire Fuels In Bold Clean Air Strategy

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