How to Avoid Allergy Attacks During Spring

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The cold winter is behind us and we are welcoming the spring season.  A variety of plants and grasses are starting to grow again and flowers are starting to peep up from the ground.

It truly is a very beautiful season but it also means that there will be a lot of pollen in the air from all the plants pollinating.

Although spring is great, this season can cause some of us to get allergy attacks if you are not prepared.

So here are some ways to prevent you from getting allergies:

  • Identify possible allergens and avoid contact - Keep in mind that different plants release their pollen into the atmosphere to pollinate. Try as much as possible to stay away from areas where there are a lot of grass and other plants.

  • Wear a mask - If you go to work or school or any outdoor activities and cannot avoid places where potential allergens are abundant, wear something to cover your nose and mouth to lessen the chances of pollen going into your system.

  • Take your medicine as prescribed by your doctor - If you constantly get allergy attacks, be sure to take your medicine to prevent surprise allergy attacks.

  • Change your clothes - Change your clothes immediately when you get home from work/school/or just daily walks. Some pollens tend to get stuck in the fibers of clothes and get dislodged when you throw yourself on the bed or sofa.

  • Wash yourself - Taking a bath or just simply washing your face and arms with soap and water will help. You don't notice it but pollen can also get stuck in your body hair and pores which can also cause allergy attacks. Washing after you get home is ideal.

  • Be extra careful - The risk of getting allergy attacks in spring is high, but don't forget that there are other allergens that can trigger allergies like a pollutant, animal dander, dust mites and mould. It is best to be extra careful special with your children.

  • Keep the house well ventilated - However careful you can be, you cannot control the air going inside the house. There are allergens constantly going in and out of the house. The best way to keep the house well ventilated to inside the house.

  • Get an appliance that cleans the air - Another way keep air fresh and clean is to get an air purifier. This helps clean the air inside your house and keep it allergen free. Being extra careful and getting an extra air purifier for your bedroom is never a bad idea.

Always be safe and Happy Spring! :)

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