How to get rid of the top two horrible house smells!

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There are many things that can make a house stink. Today we will be talking about the top two causes of bad odour inside the house and how to get rid of them.

Stinky Kitchen

Did you know that food is one of the main sources of bad odour. Activities connected to food like preparing food and cooking with garlic, onions, and spices can produce a smell that sometimes isn't pleasant after a day or two. Leftover food and fruits can also give distinct unpleasant odours if left for days.

The best way to avoid bad kitchen smells is to have a proper kitchen vent to remove the odour however it is sometimes not possible, due to limited space and costs.

To fix the problem you should always make sure that the kitchen is always squeaky clean. Clean the kitchen sink thoroughly, wipe the walls and making sure you get rid of any grease, pulling out the cooker on a regular basis to remove any dirt is recommended.

Always check for food expiration and make sure to dispose of food especially fruits to the outside bin rather than your kitchen bin. Certain fruits like melon and pineapple will have a dreadful odour as they decay. 

Have a weekly cleaning routine so that you are able to thoroughly clean your kitchen!

Pet odour

Having pets in your home is natural but can lead to having odour issues, it is often not something we notice ourselves (nose blindness) but pets can make our homes somewhat stink. It is true for most pets and if you get used to their odour over a long time you won’t be able to notice the smell. Unfortunately, your visitors coming in the door will notice 😞

So how can we keep our pets inside the house and still keep the house smelling fresh and fragrant? Constant cleaning is necessary.

Daily vacuum sofas, carpets, and your pet's bed.  Every other week you should wash and clean the bed where they sleep and play. Scrub the floor with detergent every other day to keep it free from accumulating germs and bacteria.You can put baking soda on your furniture and carpet as it is a natural odour eliminator.

Are there other options?

Having an unpleasant smelly home may leave an impression on others that the house is dirty and unclean when it is often down to pets and bad kitchen odour. However, it directly reflects the person living there. There are just some odours that don’t go away quickly.

Using an air purifier and specially formulated essential oils to remove bad odour is another solution. While air fresheners and scented candles can mask the bad smell, they cannot clean the air, but rather add to the indoor air pollution problem.

If you really want to keep the house smelling good and the air clean and healthy, investing in an air purifier is the best way to go. Although it may seem more expensive up front than fresheners and scented candles, it is safer and will prove to have more value in the long run. After all "your home is your castle" and should be treated accordingly.

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