10 Spring Cleaning Tips

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We know it is Springtime when the flowers are blooming and the trees start to grow their leaves back. For many, it’s also a time to ‘Spring Clean’ where family members work together to clean and organise their home so that it feels fresh and new.

It may seem like a daunting task to deep clean all the places you ignore throughout the year, de-clutter unused items and re-organise spaces but we have compiled a list of tasks to complete so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.
However, before we give you the steps we would like to ask you something. While you are hard at work; using elbow grease to make surfaces gleam, have you ever considered cleaning your air?

The air is full of dust, pet hairs and dander, and even mould but most people don’t do anything about it because it is invisible. Nonetheless, it can be very harmful to your health and makes dusting a continuous and persistent battle. Now we are not suggesting you wave a vacuum cleaner above your head like a maniac and suck up all the air particles. Instead, we recommend you buy our Careforair Breezers that do the work for you. Simply plug it in and watch the water becomes dirty from the air that you were breathing while also being comforted by the fact that clean air is being blown out. That way not only does your home look clean and fresh but also smells wonderful it too.

So back to the checklist here are a few jobs that need doing but you may have forgotten about:
1. De-clutter your home by category or by room
2. Deep clean your carpets
3. Remove pet hairs with rubber gloves/vacuum from your furniture
4. Clean your oven with bicarbonate of soda
5. Clear out and clean your fridge (pop a lemon in it)
6. Steam clean your microwave
7. Get rid of old clothes that you no longer wear in your wardrobe
8. Take unwanted gifts and nick nacks to your charity shops
9. Give your walls a lick of paint.
10 Use the Careforair breezer to continuously keep your indoor air fresh clean and fragrant

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