E-Cigarettes And Vaping

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What Are E-Cigarettes And Vaping?

No matter how they look or what you call electronic cigarettes, they all work the same. Inhaling on a cartridge or pressing a button heats up a liquid, which usually has flavour and or, often, varying levels of nicotine. The e-cigarette then releases a vapour thus causing the white fluffy smoke.

What’s The Danger Of E-Cigarettes?

E-cigs have been advertised as safe and a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. And most vape users have stopped smoking tobacco which is good. However, the vaping products have just been in the market for a few years and not much information and studies have been done to really find out if vape smoke is dangerous or not.

Prevention is better than cure

As most of us will feel very much comfortable living with a vaper than a tobacco smoker inside the house, it is still very alarming how much smoke a vape produces. And most of us don't, really know what the smoke is made of.
Although it is generally accepted as safe, it is much better to have ways to quickly and easily remove vape smoke that lingers inside the house. And here are some tips for you to get rid of vape smoke:

  • Keep proper ventilation when someone is vaping inside the house
  • As much as possible set a place outside the house or a balcony where a family member can vape
  • Place an air purifier inside the house where a vaper usually smokes to clean the air. 

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