Dangers of Indoor Air Pollution

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Air is important to us. Everyone needs it to live. But what if the air we breathe is contaminated and full of pollutants? Is there a way for us to clean it?

If we want our children to be safe from harmful pollutants in the air, we should start by making sure the that the air inside our homes is clean and safe for our children.

Most of the indoor air pollution comes from fuels and household energy that we use. Mostly from cooking and heating the house with open fire, cars and other factories nearby. Some just ignore these facts but most of us aren't really aware of whats happening. This is alarming as some of the illnesses you can get from indoor air pollution are pneumonia, stroke, ischaemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and lung cancer.

What can I do?
The most important thing is to be aware! Study and learn what indoor air pollution is and what effects it can bring to your family's health.

Keep your house well ventilated so that air fresh air can enter your house.

Learn what appliances and other things that increase indoor air pollution like aerosol sprays and scented candles and try to minimize the use of them.

Lastly, prevention is the key here. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Air purifiers have been tested to decrease indoor air pollution levels. And with constant use and knowledge, you can keep the indoor air pollution to a minimum level. The important thing is to make sure your air purifier can run almost all the time so that it can act as a constant air cleaning for your family! 

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