UK Doctors to Study Effects of Indoor Air Pollution on Children's Health

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A study by The British Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Children's Health will be held to learn more about the dangers of Indoor air pollution to children's health.

The comprehensive study will be the first of its kind said Stephen Holgate, chair of the RCPCH's indoor air quality working group and professor of immunopharmacology at the University of Southampton. It aims at raising the awareness to the bad effects of indoor air pollution while looking for answers for health improvements, exposure reduction and other measures like home renovation and product changes.

The issue of indoor air pollution has always been around. Last year, the RCP and RCPH said that indoor air pollution is "often overlooked" and that "a coordinated effort is required to develop and apply any necessary policy changes".

Being aware of the situation is the best weapon against indoor air pollution that someone can have. Being aware that this is an ongoing health risk and that doctors and scientists are looking for solutions to solve the problem.

With this in mind, we are able to act. We are able to tell our family and friends about the health risks and how we can prevent it. We can start by reducing the use of aerosol sprays, scented candles, and paints. Another solution is to have a well-ventilated home.

With the help of modern technology, we are also able to protect our children by using appliances that help reduce the amount of indoor air pollution in our homes namely air purifiers. This will be one of the best preventive measures you can buy, but make sure you get an air purifier that has a powerful motor that can run for 24 hours so you can keep your the indoor air pollution in your house at a minimum level throughout the day.


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